Richard Rogers
September 2014

Gatwick airport provides an olympic
scale opportunity for regeneration
and investment in Croydon and
the south east

The london borough of croydon is asking the government to grant it
devolution powers, including the ability to collect locally generated
taxes on all new developments. Through locally led funding and
decision making, croydon can ensure its housing, commercial,
infrastructural and cultural offer are all world class and can
compete with any modern european city.

Initial mechanisms identified include:

A stamp
duty pilot

The retention of all business rate uplift

Homes delivery

Through this mechanism the council will be able to
forward fund the infrastructure investment required
for development and recycle value into later phases.

This model will help deliver:

Regeneration programme

New jobs


During the
construction phase


In the opportunity
area by 2031

No other project in the UK will deliver the numbers
of houses and jobs planned in this timescale

A metropolitan
Housing centre

Croydon offers some
of the capital’s most
affordable housing

A new commercial

Capacity for up to 2.8m sq.ft grade a office space and 7 new hotels

A London
tech hub

Croydon is London’s
fastest growing
tech cluster

Westfield and Hammerson are responsible for the
£1billion redevelopment of Croydon’s retail centre.

Over the next few years, the Croydon Partnership will transform
Croydon’s two main shopping centres Whitgift and Centrale into
a retail and leisure destination which will reposition Croydon as
the best place to shop, work and live in South London.

London First
September 2014

The next 20 years are set to be the most exciting in the
borough’s history. Download our full prospectus to
find out more about the future of croydon.